Tuesday, 3 July 2012


I was dreaming about a Pure Tan Rosette for more than a year, I guess closer to 2 years even.
I was advertising the idea to BJD community and to Soom themaselves, and actively working to convince Soom not to replace Pure body with Muse altogether.

In May, Soom made the Rosette Free Choice event - and i was so, SO happy!
I ordered Camille on Pure Girl body in Tan, but right away I was a bit unsure wheter I should actually go for Lady. I like the bigger breastsm my Fir and Violet are both Ladies too and I have loads of clothes. And more importantly, the nice, tanned skin screams for big boobs, too!

So I decided to ask Soom to change it.
And here is where the regrets kick in: according to Customer Representative Victoria, it is impossible at the moment. I am so grief-stricken right now..! I'm trying to figure out what to do... I asked Soom if there's anything I can do to get a Lady bust in Tan with my order and I am actually considering asking them if I can make an order for annother Tan Rosette right now, after the sale period has ended (I would sell her head on Girl body as soon as it got to me)...

And so, I managed to ruin what would be the happiest order in my hobby history :(

Edit: I managed to convince Soom to change my order :) I'm so happy!
I described to them at lenght how important the body type is for my character and they did it. I love them!

Monday, 14 February 2011

The Ideal

JAMIEShow Angel Gold
I love these shoes so much... It's JAMIEShow for their fashion dolls, obviously based on the insanely awesome Alexander McQueeen. If they were available in any si

JAMIEShow Angel Silver

Also available in gold, for the double torture, I could SEE them T.T The torture.
I've considered buying them anyway and simply display somewhere, but I think I will be able to restrain myself...

To make matters worse, they also have these shoes... Amazing... *sob, sob*

JAMIEShow Lady Gaga White

Waiting is so hard

I pretty much fail in writing any blog recently.
I also fail at my hobby - my Yrie and Galena are here for roughly a year now and the only thing I've done with them is change their clothes between the ones I've spent a small fortune on on the second market, while I was planning to sew for them myself.

Apart from the fact that I've lost my inner drive to create about half a decade ago to easier amusements, like online games, I also became afraid of failure. I can sense it every time I look at my sewing supplies box - I don't even want to try because I know I will fail, ie. I will not be able to sew what I'd like. Which is pretty normal when you are learning something new, but the feeling is paralyzing me for some reason. I really wish I had someone around to guide me through the first steps.

And I also hope that maybe Rosettes will be easier to handle for me because, while I love my bird girls, I am afraid they are not the right dolls for me. I love them, I think they are one of the most beautiful molds out there, but I somehow can't bring myself to stylize them, and I am also a bit afraid of handling Galena with how big she is and how her claws point in every possible direction...

Monday, 15 November 2010

Wings got me

I am still amazed how this hobby lives it's own life.
Truth be told I quite disliked Rosette's at first, I found their proportions unappealing and their faces uninteresting. I was all in for the mystic beauty of Gem dolls and now... now it's been 3 weeks I've been haunted by their silhouettes, so - at almost the last day of ordering period - I gave up...

Actually, I didn't get that much enslaved, or so I hope. I have deliberated this purchase throughoutly, I figured they were the LEs that got me thinking, actually got me hooked up, on this line. The only thing I'd like to change about the two - because I always thought of them as a pair - was that I would prefer one of them to be in tan skin... It meant that I would be hunting for their sets and waiting - gods know for how long - for Soom to give me a bronze-skin girl...

Sounds reasonable enough?
I sure hope so!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Been shopping

Soom goes Clover by Clamp
Soom did it again - they are on the lookout for my wallet...
I've always admired Clamp's aesthetics, especially in Clover... Those two limited dolls made me speechless...
Unfortunatelly (or fortunatelly) I was not able to ditch out for both of them and I couldn't imagine giving up on any, so I've only ordered their wing parts, but this also means two lovely Rosette girls just joined my wishlist!
Not sure when this will happen, because I want one of them in tan skin (replacing tan Teenie Gem on my list): like I planned for a tan TG, she would wear gold yellow eyes and dark wig...
The pale skin one, which will probably be Fir, has already been assigned pink wig and green eyes.
CAN.NOT.WAIT! Come on Soom, you can do it!

Soom Nephelin
I went crazy over her aesthetics... If I could afford a full set, I would definietly get her, but my finances did not allow for it. But I hunted DoA Marketplace and was succesful in getting her dress and horns at first (which were on the top of my must-have list at that moment), and later also her wig and long dragon hands.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

What's new

When it comes to Soom, I guess I am a collector.... If I could, I'd like to have roughly 70% of what they offer with The Gem.
I made some Soom buys over the past few months, too.

Heliot bow
I've seen some photoshoots with Heliot hunting in the snow, the transparent bow and arrow seemingly made of ice and I've fallen in love.
I hope that when I finally get around to playing with my girls, I will be able to come up with an ice witch/huntress costume for my Galena.
The biggest problem I see however is that the Netherlands don't normally have snowy winters...

In any case, the bow is amazing tho I guess it got to me a bit yellowed.
And it's BIG. I guess I could have guessed seeing Soom photos ;)

Bygg and Beyla outfits
Was eying those two for quite a long time as they look so good together. I especially like how Bygg's outfit presents itself against his grey skin, so I decided to go for them. I want my future grey kitty (I guess it's a sign of addiction if I bys things for a doll that I not only don't have yet, but that doesn't even exist?) to wear it, amon other things.
Why are there so few imaginative outfits for YoSD boys?! I liked some from Rosenlied collections, both limited and regular, but both are sold out... Volks doesn't really press my buttons and Soom notoriously leaves their limited teenies half-naked, with the exception of recent Grit's outfit, but somehow the white ornaments threw me away from this otherwise perfect piece of teenie clothing...

Bygg's outfit already arrived, but I am afraid I got scammed with Beyla's as it was supposedly sent out 3 days before the other one and I still haven't received it.

Little Gargoyle Wings
Black transparent bat wings, also bought for my future kitty. Couldn't resist the idea of a grey winged feline!
They got here safe and sound yesterday and I am deliberating wheter or not to try it all out on my Yrie: Bygg outfit and Little Gargoyle wings, but I don't believe she will look good in black and I'd have to glue the magnets inside her torso, too. So they will have to wait for the cat!

...I really, really hope Soom will release something I could at least pretend is a grey kitty...

Monday, 7 June 2010


Update 1: falling USD/EUR makes my hobby more and more expensive and - as one can easily imagine - I am not really happy with that.
On the plus (?) side, this probably means Soom will release my dream doll soon.

Update 2: Angelheim released their first girl some time ago and her measurements are remarkably similar to Soom SG girls. While their outfits are not remarkable yet, I see some potential and I will be observing them closely.
What I do love however are the special parts they offer!

The transparent Medusa snakes are amazing. I am definitely getting them at some point! Simply a must-have. I was eyeing th set of snakes they introduced with their first boy - they are white resin and don't come airbrushed by default, looking pretty dim. And airbrushing ordered from Angelheim seems very expensive for them, especially taking the effect into consideration. And I have no clue how to do it. Those however, they are a.m.a.z.i.n.g!

Their Ice Parts are also amazing. I was planning on getting myself Cuprit's ice crown, but this is so much better!
And so much more expensive, eh... I guess it will have to wait...
I have no clue what will I do with the calf parts, they will not match SG... I guess I'll have to see. And wait, because the current USD/EUR is killing me...

Ice Queen outfit. Not the best outfit out there, but not the worst either. Price seems pretty high for what I see, I'll have to deliberate.
$150 is Soom standard price for SG Monthly Dolls' outfits, and they seem more creative... Not to mention that I need to force myself to sew...
Soon, soon (tm). I hope (tm).

Update 3: I bought Gargoyle Teenie Monthlies' transparent bat wings. For my upcoming grey kitten.